Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Million Dollar Hotel

So, when Baby Daddy Audrey was still living with us, we started talking about the One Million Dollar a Night Hotel (OMDH). It came up because our friend Kerry, who is a Spanish teacher, was teaching her class how to say "the most _____ of all the things" en Espanol, and she looked up all these crazy expensive hotels to use as examples. When she was telling Audrey and me about them, she was all, "and some of them are like a million dollars a night!"

And when she said that, my jaw fell off.

I mean, can you even imagine?!?

So, I'm just going to say this about my darling Kerry: she is prone to exaggeration, which is why we get along. It turns out the most you can drop per night on a hotel room is $65,000 (and for this, you get an armored chamber behind the television in case you get attacked by terrorists. It's the hotel next door to UN headquarters.). But the OMDH captured our imaginations, and so we started discussing the details of our OMDH all the time, and the consensus was always "that's not enough! we need more stuff at the hotel to make it worth One Million Dollars!". So, then I started asking everyone I know, what, for them, would make a $1,000,000/night hotel room worth it.

So, you get 24 hours at this hotel. What do you do?

I've taken a little poll, and will share some of the results with you. Note: the following are only individual details in their personal OMDH; these features in and of themselves do not justify the OMD per night. The identity of my subjects will remain confidential, because I'm a for real and ethical scientist. Here are some of my favorites:
  • The OMDH would have to include an army of servants who would do 3 months of work for me in one day.
  • The OMDH would have to be in Atlantis.
  • The OMDH would have to include an entire closet full of clothes, all of which would fit me perfectly, and I would be able to keep them all.
  • The OMDH would involve being stuck with the person of my choice on a fabulous private island for 24 hours, but that person wouldn't know he/she was being hired out for that purpose (this person might be a someone you wanted to meet, someone you wanted to influence, or Robert Pattinson) .
  • So many spa treatments! All of them.
  • The OMDH would be on a floating island.
So, I'm just curious. What would be in your One Million Dollar Hotel?


  1. puppies and kitties. as many as i wanted until i didn't want them any more. :)

  2. so i exaggerate little.....
    But I mean if any situation warrants exaggeration.... :
    In MY hotel I get to lay around in hot tubs eating ice cream and watching trashy movies while a series of amazingly talented and intelligent people do great things FOR me - one would exercise for me, one would write a bestselling book for me, one would meditate and breathe deeply for me, one would organize my entire life for me. I would get out of that hot-tub after 24 hours and wha-lah!