Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spirit Animals

About a month ago, I was chauffeuring this kid I know around town, and he told me I drive like a squirrel.

"Squirrels don't drive," I said.

"Well if squirrels did drive, they would drive like you drive," he said.

I think he meant that I have a hard time deciding whether or not to go through yellow lights. I have always considered myself a generally decisive person, but something about those yellow lights...I dunno. Maybe my depth perception is bad? Anyway, it's noticeable enough that someone who doesn't even have his learner's permit commented on it.

And so today I had to make a big huge decision about whether to go to Wisconsin for a wedding next week. There were all these temporal, spacial and situational variables that I'm not going to bore you with, but as I was driving down the road today, fretting over said variables, compulsively clutching my cell phone just in case Oprah decided to take a sec out of her busy schedule to call me and tell me what to do, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror. In the first nanosecond--before I even recognized myself--my reaction to the person in the mirror was, "Wow, that lady is freaking the hell out. Kind of like a squirrel..."

So, there you go. I have a new spirit animal.

And you know what else? Bryan and Jane (who is visiting with her sweet little squishy monkey-frog baby this week) have been sitting on the couch all night reading The Hunger Games series instead of talking to me. Their spirit animal is probably a worm or something BECAUSE THEY'RE BEING SO BORING!
Yuh-huh, Jane.


  1. nu-uh! but look how pretty my nails look, thankyouverymuch. and i totally entertained you with my tears and gasps of disbelief. and my screaming baby. see? not so boring!

  2. I just discovered that my spirit animal is a jackrabbit. Totally.