Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strawberry Nonsense

Pretty much everybody I know has an idea for a band: the name, the musical genera, the first album, the hit single, etc. Lane's hair band, Macho Taco, is going to play strictly butt rock. The name of Macho Taco's first album? Mucho Toucho. Bryan has like a ton of band ideas, but the ones that come to mind at this moment are CrapSpasm and Wet Locations. Bryan's band ideas are usually pretty gross.

Audrey and I are starting a band called Strawberry Nonsense. Our first single will be Autistic Squeeze Machine about how we're trying to get prescribed with a hugging machine for autistic people.

Okay so anyway, what's your band name?


  1. The Chicklettes. I know, it sounded much better at the time, when I was 13.

  2. D'Constult

    Guess you'll have to look that one up...


  3. I love it.;D A couple years ago my friend said to me, 'So I've named my band Strawberry Nonsense without consulting you, I'm sorry.' (I'm a strawberry blonde who's constantly speaking about nonsense..) From then on it's been my email, username, nickname, for everything haha.