Sunday, May 15, 2011

Old Timey

This artist named Lisa Emaleh from New York came out to Dad's house a couple of weeks ago to photograph him with an old timey large format tintype camera, presumably because she heard that Dad looks like this:
And you don't run into a man who looks like that everyday. Nor do you want to.

That said, I thought she captured something about him that photographs usually don't. Plus, she got a good one of his crazy outsized meat paws, for which I will always be grateful:
And here's another one:
My dad emailed these to me today and the one above was the first one I saw. Frankly, it threw me off because I was like, "that big, old-timey guy looks soooo much like my dad and he's standing in my dad's garlic field--but Dad doesn't ever stand like that." And then I saw this one:
And I was like "Oh, hey Dad."

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