Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today I took Odessa and her best friend Tucker on an adventure.  Tucker's moving away tomorrow, so we had to make this one good.

I'm always amazed by what a creek can do for a couple kids.  I took them to my friend Steve's house and we had a picnic in his living room and then we shot bows and arrows and then we walked down a long gravel road to a creek.  The girls wallered around in the mud and rocks and sticks.  They found water bugs and took off their shoes even after I told them they had to keep them on.  Steve helped them make a mud palace for the fairies.  They threw chunks of bread off a culvert to fish they couldn't see. They fought and hugged and fought and hugged intermittently and by turns throughout the day. At one point, we were joined by a turtle.  At another, there was a deer eating pears off the ground beside a tree.

They got filthy.  When they were done, they looked like they had been rolling around on the railroad tracks.  But there was no point in the day when at least one of them wasn't wearing a princess costume.

Then they came home and slept.

In my opinion, every day in late July should look something like that when you're three.  But it does you really good any age, actually.

We're gonna miss you, Tucks.


  1. All the while Odessa did not remove her finger from her bellybutton.

  2. You are basically the best writer. I found you when a friend posted a link to the "Live Forever" piece about a grandmother at another site. Anyway, I made it here and I don't want to leave. You have such an authentic southern voice, one I crave, one I've heard in few other women. Thanks for sharing here!

    adrienne at