Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Date: 9/02/10

On the first day of seventh grade, a girl in my class had a yard sale out of her locker in which she sold all her New Kids on the Block posters. I think she made like $30. I hope she's a financial futures analyst now because like 3 months later, the bottom fell out on NKotB. Entire fortunes of weekly allowance were lost. Those were dark times.

Anyway, around the same time, I was in the locker room changing for gym, and these two girls wearing button fly Levis and embroidered vests were talking about a new TV show that was the greatest thing evaaaaaar. And so began the reign of Beverly Hills, 90210. May it ever serve as a reminder that the gold standard for beauty and fashion is constantly shifting, so getting that tattoo/boob job is a definitely bad idea. Also, never lose your virginity at prom or leave your boyfriend alone with your best friend while you spend the summer in Minnesota. Take it from Brenda. (Update: I've been corrected. Brenda went to France for the summer).

Happy September 2, 2010, ya'll.


  1. Didn't Brenda go to Paris for the summer?

  2. oh crap--you might be right. Well, I don't feel so sorry for her then.