Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lovely Day

Sometimes I come across a person who's all " I looooove the winter. I loooove gray, cold, crap weather that makes everything inconvenient and lousy. I frickkin' looooove it when it's suddenly pitch balls dark at 6 PM."

And to this person, I say, "Bullcrap, Sir/Madam. Bullcrap."

So, Daylight Savings Time ended this week, which has my Internal Superclock all verklempt. I believe you can guess my stance on Daylight Savings Time; I might have elucidated on that topic in this very publication. I'll just say this: if there was a political candidate who promised to to axe Daylight Savings Time, pennies and television ads for prescription medications, I'd canvas door to door for their campaign until my feet were useless, bloody stumps. But I digress.

My intent when I started writing a few minutes ago was not to complain, but to congratulate myself for living in Georgia. Because for the past two weeks, the weather has been all grody and cold, but today, (please stand by for an emotional moment)....


Today was just the loveliest day.

I drove to Ellijay for work. Ellijay is up in the mountains, and this is what my drive was like:

This is the great thing about Georgia. The weather can be completely appalling for a few weeks in the winter, and then there's this day that comes down like a soft, merciful bunny angel to snuggle you and whisper sweet bunny secrets in your ear.

That's kind of what today was like.

Also, I didn't have any actual bunny secrets whispered to me today, but I did have some pug secrets sniffled at me. They were not Top Secret State-level intelligence that I could trade to the Russians for lots of premium vodka and high class hookers or anything. They were just doggy secrets, but interesting nonetheless.

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  1. something about this post seems familiar ... i've been plagiarized!
    but i forgive you because there was a cute dog video in it too. :)