Thursday, January 27, 2011

BTW: It's still January

If it were up to me, months would all be less than 30 days. 31 days is just too many days.

So, Audrey--Baby Daddy #2--is back from the Argentinian leg of the Eternal Summer Tour she's been on for the past two years. The poor child has been sleeping on our Ikea sofa bed (EKTORP!) and is becoming accustomed to being woken up at 7 in the morning by a sleep-drunk, snaggle-toothed toddler with her jammies unzipped to her belly button, yelling "Aud-IE, AUD-IE, Auuuuuuuu-Dee!" She doesn't seem to mind.

Anyway, it was just Audrey's birthday, and her sister sent her this book:

Well, I guess you could call it a book.

The other night, Audrey, her friend Samantha and I spent 2 hours watching videos of the author, Katherine Chloe Cahoon, giving tutorials on how to meet European men.

You guys, either this is for real, or this woman is a G E N I U S.

There are no words to describe my love for her. Do yourself a humongous favor and watch the other ones. Please watch them.

Just watch them.

Anyway, it takes things like The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men to get me through January. Thank you, February, for being so short.


  1. omg i can't handle it. her pose perched at the edge of the couch, her sloooooow weirdly emphasized speech, the costume and set changes, the horrible SUNGLASSES DROP ... who does this?? i could get more personal but i'll keep those judgments to myself.
    also i am offended that her name is katherine. for obvious reasons.

  2. I will posit that Hemingway DID in fact know that this event was laden with testosterone. That hormone had been discovered in the 1920's, at least a decade before Hemingway left to report on the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

  3. and btw, did you notice that it's STILL JANUARY?! gaaaaaaahhhhhh.