Monday, February 14, 2011

I love you

I do! And so I'm giving you my favorite YouTube video I've ever seen for Valentine's Day. Because the Italians are the most romantic people and THIS is what they think of us. I went to Italy when I was 16 and was sort of scandalized by how many people were making out in public. I swear people were getting to all kinds of second base in broad daylight, right there on the sidewalk. But by that time I could totally recite Room With a View verbatim in its entirety, so frankly, I was into the PDA in a Lucy Honeychurch sort of way (by the way, LOOK at her hair. I mean just look at it).

So, today is gorgeous and so far I've fought off a stomach virus, lay on a blanket in the sun with Audrey reading aloud Mr. Darcy's letter to Elizabeth Bennett (you've got to admit that's preeetty romantic), and made a bunch of impromptu Valentines for the kids in Odessa's class. And tonight Bryan and I are going to a yoga class together (what a sweet, sweet man he is) and to dinner--probably at Larry's Giant Subs or someplace equally classy--because where else is there to go on V-Day in your yoga pants?

Anyway, here's your video:

Lo ti amo,

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