Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm getting ready to tell you something that may make you think less of me. Are you ready? Okay, awesome:

I've been trying to interest Odessa in television. I know, I know--sacrebleu! In my defense, I'm doing it for Bryan--they spend a lot of time together, and since Honeychile has only three interests--reading, snuggling and bossing stuff--it's pretty exhausting for Bryan. And so I thought a solution might be to start early cultivating her interest in the televisual arts.

So, I'll sit her on my lap sometimes and find a nice Sesame Street video on YouTube, and she'll pay attention for about a minute. But honestly, Odessa couldn't give a whoopty crap about Elmo. Seriously, I'm all "Dessy, look at that--he's pink! And squeaky! And ooooh! He's discussing the letter J with Heidi Klum!" And Odessa's like, "You know what book is really good? This book you've read me elevently grillion times. Have a seat, Mother."

Anyway, so this has been going on for about a month. But this weekend, Bryan cracked some sort of code: it turns out, Odessa really only likes television when she's the one on TV. So now she spends about 3 hours a day making eyes at herself in front of the PhotoBooth application on my computer:

(Note to Parents: narcissism is a really good diaper changing sedative)

So I guess Odessa actually has four interests: reading, snuggling, bossing stuff, and Odessa. You're welcome, Bryan.

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