Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snuggle Fever

So, there I was lying in bed, reading about Jew-hiders in Nazi Germany, when I felt like something was wrong. You know, other than Nazis. So, I looked in at Odessa, and she was fine, and then I walked into the living room and realized the pipe to the wood stove was on fire on the inside. So I damped down the stove and am now under strict orders from Bryan to watch it until the fire goes out or until I realize the roof is on fire or until he gets back from tutoring somebody in statistics.

Anyway, I have some time on my hands.

So, the whole family has been sick recently. Bryan started it, Odessa kindly took over for him, and now I'm feeling super puny. But you know what? I am somebody's mom, so I'm technically not allowed to feel sick. I am, however, allowed to take two Advil and warm up a bag of Trader Joe's fried rice for supper, which I did, and nobody complained about it. Except Odessa, but she complains about everything.

The past few days have made me realize that illness makes people super cuddly. Even though Odessa was feverish and snotty this weekend, and though I fretted over her feeling so bad, deep down I was like, YES! Because all she wanted was to snuggle up on her mama, and whenever I would get up to refill her water bottle or pee or something, she would sort of weakly hold her arms up to me and whimper "Mama?" And honestly, I was like "Bring it on, little baby! Do your worst!" Which, of course, she did.

Yesterday I stayed home from work because all my skin hurt and my back ached and my eyes were glassy and my head felt like it had a wet washcloth inside it. And sort of toward the end of the day, my dad came to bring Bryan the rototiller, and he got out of the truck, and my first instinct was to hold my arms up and whimper at him. Because there's something about being sick that makes you need to feed on somebody else's life force, but it really helps if that person's your mom or dad. I've been trying today to feed on Bryan's life force, and he's having none of it--he hasn't given up the first ounce of life force. Maybe because Odessa took it all.

But it's kind of nice, in a way, to know that no matter how big or contemptuous or married Odessa gets, when she's sick, she's always going to want to snuggle her mom.

Okay, ya'll. I got to go to bed. The house hasn't burnt yet and Bryan's home and has lowered the threat level to Yellow. Phew!

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