Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eating in Season

Earlier this week, I spent most of a workday sitting at my desk eating muscadines. I don't know how many I ate, but it must have been a lot.  I got a stomach ache.

Muscadines are like grapes, except they grow wild in the bushes, and they taste better. It's muscadine season right now, and the other day I hit paydirt on the side of the road out in Madison County, and filled up the little trashcan in my car with them.

Something I've noticed since I had Odessa is that I've started to really appreciate all the stuff that goes along with each season.  For instance, I've never been all that into Halloween, but since we've been discussing Dessa's Halloween costume pretty much daily since July, that shit is NOT sneaking up on me this year.  Hell no, it's not.  (BTW: Odessa's already informed me that I'm going to be a bride and Bryan's going to be a scary spider web.)

So, I'm becoming a little more of a seasonal planner, and one thing I did this year was eat produce off the vine like a little woodland animal.  We ate so many strawberries and peaches this year, it was obscene. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get at as many tomatoes as I would have liked; somehow I got thrown off my tomato game.  But not next year.  Tomatoes better watch their backs next year.

Anyway, so I was at work, eating away at the gallon of muscadines on my desk, and Chris looked over and was like, "you're gonna give yourself a stomach ache."  And I was like, "no way, this is the new me.  I'm seizing the day.  It's muscadine season, so I'm eating muscadines.  Is it corn season? I'm eating corn. If something is ripe, gonna eat the living shit out of it."

Chris hates it when I say things like "____ the living shit out of ____," so he winced and said, "I believe that's what they call 'eating in season.'"

Me: Call it whatever you want.  I call it gorging myself on stuff I like while it's cheap.

Chris: So, what are going to do in December?

Me: Cookies.  And then in November, it'll be discounted Halloween candy, and in January, It'll be birthday cake because that's when my birthday is.

Chris: You do realize you're going to gain 15 pounds this winter, right?

Me:  That depends.  If I really go for it, I could gain 20.

So, I'll keep you posted. If I really do gain 20 pounds this winter, I'll probably complain about it.  But it'll be the environmentally responsible thing to do.  I'll be okay with it as long as I've got the moral high ground on that 20 pounds.


  1. We got sweet tater, okra, garlic right now, and lots of grass and dirt that's in season...right now, with lots of yummy enzymes, or whatever is the latest fad to call 'em. Dirt still works for me.