Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is my favorite sculpture in the whole world:

And if you want the experience complete with Italian birds chirping:

I mean just look at that goddamn thing. He's called the "Appennine Colossus," and was made by this Italian guy named Giambologna in 1579. After all these years, he still squats there like a petrified god all day long, in the sun and rain and snow, just north of Florence.  Dude is 36 feet tall.

He kind of reminds me of this 150 pound Saint Bernard I almost adopted when we lived in Montana.  He made such a scene when they tried to bring him indoors that they just left him outside in the exercise yard of the Humane Society all the time.  He was so handsome and sweet that I considered bringing him home until he sat in my lap while I was petting him, and I realized I couldn't get up.  He was beautiful and majestic and he seriously had me pinned under him like a tiny moth. Bryan had to pull him off me.  Our romance just wasn't tenable, and neither, probably, is my love for the Colossus.  But I love him anyway...

Barnacles and all.

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