Sunday, January 6, 2013

Physicists' Foreheads: A Gallery

I'm writing about Richard Feynman today, for work.  He was the physicist who came up with the theory of quantum electrodynamics while playing the bongos in a strip club.  He was also one of the most skilled lecturers in history. Interesting guy.  

Anyway, I've been reading a bunch about him lately, and every article has an accompanying photo.  And after seeing about 30 pictures of Richard Feynman, it dawned on me that the guy had a pretty sizable forehead:
I mean, pretty big, right? And THEN I stumbled upon this guy's forehead: 

HANS BETHE, one of Feynman's mentors and also super-physicist

Now that's a forehead.  You could use that thing as a doorstop.  You could put about three other normal sized faces on that one surface. 

And so this morning I've been doing some light Googling, and realized physicists in general just have real big foreheads.  I guess because they've got to have a place to put their real big brains.  Here's a sampling:

MAX PLANCK, originator or quantum theory

But no fair, you say! He was bald, you say!  Here's some Max Planck with hair:


ERWIN SCHRODINGER, creator of quantum mechanics

WERNER HEISENBERG, other, warring creator of quantum mechanics

What he lacks in height, he makes up in girth.

ALBERT EINSTEIN, maybe the only physicist you know about. Also, not a bad forehead.

Okay, I could go on, but I have to write this thing.  For real.

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