Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Merry Christmas Work Luncheon

As I have a long list of items to discuss with you, My Readership, but only a short time to devote to said items (it being already 12:30 and tomorrow being a work day, despite the festive harmonic undertones that make me forget that I must rest up so as to better perform my professional duties in the morning), I'll prioritize the topics based on a very complex mathematical equation I just made up:
number of possible topics - all topics that would take a long time to write about= tonight's topic


So, today was the shortest day of the whole year. I kind of like that feeling of nowhere to go but up, so I had a nice day. We went out for a Merry Christmas work luncheon, which always feels like the last day of school before holiday, even if it isn't. At my office, there's a cap on office banter; mine is not one of those office environments where there is practical joking or a bunch of chummy chortling. It is a rather serious, subdued place to be, which lends itself to getting work done, but when given the opportunity like a holiday Merry Christmas all- staff invitational luncheon, I just let her rip, and the devil take the hindmost. It feels good to just talk, like when you go to recess on a nice fall day in, say, 2nd grade, and you just run and run and run and get all sweaty and flushed so that your hair sticks to your neck, and your lungs burn from all the cool air and exercise, and you feel like you could do anything, including do a flip off the monkey bars, which you don't do, but you compromise by trying to do a flip as you're running along, but it doesn't exactly work and you land hard on your back and get the wind knocked out of you a little bit, and after you recover, you just lie on the ground for a while looking up at the sky and feeling the place where a new tooth is coming in with the tip of your tongue, until some girls start doing a dance routine to the JEM theme song, and you run over to watch them until it gets too boring, so you run over to some girls who are playing horses and are whinnying at each other and galloping around a bit, so you gallop with them in their herd for the rest of recess, and by the end of it, your ponytail is really lopsided and the knees of your jeans and the heels of your hands are kind of muddy from all the horse pantomime you've been doing.

That's exactly what it feels like when I go to an informal Merry Christmas holiday staff lunchstravaganza and get to tell people about the funny story I heard the other day.


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