Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Do you ever have the feeling that you're spending your entire life trying to do something that's kind of pointless, like the feeling the inventors of the Segway must have had sometimes while they were up late at night futzing with gyroscopes and computerized motors?

I mean, the Segway is a really cool in theory, and I'm sure it took forEVER to invent, but in the end, what is it really good for? There's this guy in my town who has a Segway and you always see him riding it around with a bunch of plastic grocery bags hanging off the handlebars. He could probably walk to the grocery store from his house and it would be better for him. Same goes for all the security guards at the Atlanta airport; they ride Segways, but why pay $7,000 for your employee to ride around on a fool machine drinking mochas from Atlanta Bread Company? I guess they do make the security guards look taller. Also, I guess they're faster than running. But so are bicycles.

Anyway, I've written a haiku about it because haikus always make me feel loads better.

I have the feeling
akin to a gyroscope
in a cop's Segway

Do you ever feel like the inventor of the Segway? Will you write me a haiku about it? I will also accept Senryƫs, Renkus (you're going to need to parter up for that, I'm afraid) and other Haikais.

Bless you.

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  1. High priced zippy,
    Early adopters are dorks,
    Fluid engineering.