Saturday, December 19, 2009

OdessaWatch! PresentWatch!

Good evening. I've been asked by several people lately if Odessa is okay because last you heard, I was considering doing some holiday cooking in her pajamas. Well, she's fine. She had a mild ear infection which I think she's managing to fight off herself, and no more fevers!

Hey--and what's a good gift to send to a very mature 9 year old girl? By mature, I mean she's really good at withering looks and isn't intimidated by my "Ok, I'm serious, for real give me back my sunglasses" voice.

Okay, and also what do I get for a man who just started working in my office and who really likes college football, wears painstakingly ironed shirts, and has a kind of 1970's funk ringtone on his cell phone?

Ok! night night!

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