Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby vs. Babesby

Odessa is a baby. But you know what? She's getting to be a smarter baby than she used to be!

Case in point: our cat, Babesby-Kitty (whose given name is Robin, which ended up not being the name of his Soul, so nobody calls him that) is a cool customer--patient and yet complex. His collar has a tag on it that says "Robin Mean Cat", which means that he is not afraid of opening cans of whoopass on squirrels and peoples' arms who mess with him. This is because he is a tolerant sociopath who can be violent and yet is good at snuggling. Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find Odessa using Babesbey's fat roll (or "Le Sport Sac," "hoop skirts" or "book bag," if you'd rather) as a pillow. The other night we were having family couch time when it transpired that Odessa had been sitting on Babesby's head for a good 3 minutes before I asked "is that the tornado siren--what is that sound?"

Anyway, lately
there have been some baby/cat standoffs. Babesby can ignore Odessa while she dandles his collar tags for a little while, but then he'll nonchallantly put out a paw, place it on her adorable, chubby little hand, and dig in, all the while, staring deeply into her eyes. Odessa is fascinated by this behavior, and yet it hurts. Of course it hurts. And so she cries. It happens nearly every day.

This morning, Bryan took some footage of Odessa and Babesby (also, you can view it here if this one doesn't work. I learned how to YouTube today! Woot!)

It's like there's an invisible fence around that cat!

Sometimes I wish I had an invisible fence....


  1. maybe she's taken a hint from the wood stove...HOT.


  2. you can definitely sense her frustration... "I WANT CAT! CAT HURTS! SHOULDN'T TOUCH CAT ... BUT I WANT IT!"

  3. The wonderful little story got me all ready for the video, but the video is unavailable at this time. I WANT VIDEO!

  4. Mom, chill. You just click on that purple word ("here") in the paragraph just above the video. That will take you to You Tube.