Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Mix Tape

A lot Valentines Days I make a mix tape for my loved ones, because I am a person who makes mix tapes. Call me narcissistic, but I am. Humble people don't make mix tapes, as they come from a deep, sincere and megalomaniacal place in the maker's psyche that honestly believes that if you give someone a tape with a bunch of songs on it, they will listen to it and think wistfully about how cool you are. Hence, people over the age of 25 generally do not make mix tapes. But I do.

I had this great idea this morning as I was lying in bed at 10:30 sans baby (thanks, Best Husband Ever!), and that idea is that I was going to make a mix tape and post it here, on this very blog. Because I love you and I want to to think I'm cool. However, as the day wore on, I realized that I don't know how to do that. And also that it's possible that I did not read Blogger's "Terms and Conditions" when I set up this here thingy, but I'm pretty sure it probably says something about copyrighted material. But you know what? Screw'em! That's right, because I want you to be my Valentine! And I can't do that unless I try to impress you with mp3s!

So, I split the difference and only made a mix tape of 3 songs, all of which are good.

Happy Valentine's Day, Valentines!

Safe Travels--Peter and the Wolf
Eid Ma Clack Shaw--Bill Callahan

PS. To those who wonder, "What the hell, and why doesn't Jesslyn post anymore like a complete maniac who doesn't have anything better to do?" Well, gentle friends, in my professional capacity, I plan a conference every year, and it's coming up THIS THURSDAY. So after that, I will be a lot more prolific. Yep--wish me luck!

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  1. good luck, and thanks for the songs. i've been listening to a lot of The Beatles recently... not so alternative as your choices, but definitely pleasing. anyway, be well and have a good week!