Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My Granny, who will be turning 100 this Bastille Day, told me recently, "I don't understand how all my grandchildren got to be consultants. You're all too young to consult anybody about anything."

Granny has a point there.

I am a consultant, and I pretty much have been in one form or another since I was 21. It's kind of strange that there are so many consultants in the world because if there's one thing that nobody wants, it's advice. Seriously. Nobody wants advice, even if they think they do. I've had people who desperately didn't want my advice BEG me for it. This is strange, and I suspect what people want when they ask me for advice is for me to tell them they are currently doing everything exactly right. It's like the professional version of asking somebody if you look fat.

But if I think about it, giving advice isn't a bad job, even if nobody wants it. I mean, I could be a hospice nurse. Or a prison guard. Or an insurance adjuster.

Oh God, you guys--I could be an insurance adjuster.

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  1. You got a big dog, all you need is a pistol and you're an insurance adjuster
    Yo Paw