Tuesday, October 19, 2010


WARNING: This blog post is not recommended for those suffering from seizure disorders or an aversion to Lindsey Buckingham.

Con: It's getting cold. Which means Not Summer is approaching.

Pro: I just had a really nice weekend all to myself.

Con: Well, the strap on my purse broke because it's cheap and isn't Man Enough to carry all of my stuff which usually includes a bike chain, a gallon of water and a foozball table. But whatever, STEVE MADDEN.

Pro: Tomorrow is Bryan's and my 3rd wedding anniversary!
A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

Con: We can't go out for a romantic candlelit dinner because he has to work on a grant proposal.

Pro: But Audrey will be here from Texas on Friday!
A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

Con: But she isn't going to stay with us because our elderly dog, Ruby, has a soft-ball-sized rotting tumorous pustule on her shoulder that makes her smell like she took a bath in a week-old elephant carcass.

Pro: But at least she's alive for a little while longer.

Con: But....
A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

Pro: My friend Erica is currently overreacting about this particular situation so I don't have to. (Update: Erica texted me this weekend: "You son of a bitch. You said that I'm over reacting about The Bear!? What's in my heart is true!" So now I feel remorseful. Rubybear has touched the hearts of many.)

Con: My hair is all bedraggled because I ran out of my special magical hair beautifier. And I'm too broke to buy more.

Pro: It's sleeping, snuggling and down comforter weather.

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

(whatever--you know you've always wanted to karaoke this shit.)


  1. like a ride inside your (funny) mind?!

  2. did you scramble eggs this morning, or your brain?


  3. bowbowbowbowababow bowbowbowbowababow bowbowbowbowabowbowbowbow doodedoodleydoo.

    oh yes, now that's in my head.