Monday, April 30, 2012

This Is For Real

Listen. Listen. Listen. No listen. I'm being serious: listen.

I got a studio, you guys.  To write in.  Because I refuse to be lured into listening to people's private conversations in coffee shops when I'm supposed to be writing about squid beaks anymore. I won't be harassed by precocious art school kids with rat tails and mustaches.  I'm not going to be stared at by the guy who wears his sunglasses indoors so he can stare at people.  None of that. I'm no longer going to participate in any of it.

Because now I have a nice, quiet room with windows and a little cot in the corner where I can take naps whenever I feel like it.

It's nothing fancy, and I share it with two friends who are comic book artists, but it's heavenly.  Literally just exactly like I picture heaven. Or the South Pacific.

I'm so delighted that I picked myself some flowers on my way here yesterday and then I took a celebratory vanity PhotoBooth picture in a moment of profound feelin'-my-oats:

Look how wistful I look! Enjoy that one, folks, cause it's probably the only one you're ever gonna get.

See behind me? THAT'S A BULLETIN BOARD.  I have a bulletin board!!! 

SO MUCH PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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