Friday, April 6, 2012

Does Anybody Want to Do This With Me?

Do you have stuff around your house that needs doin'? Like a closet that you open once a week and it makes you vomit a little?  Or a vegetable garden you want planted but you don't have time? Or like a room that really needs a coat of paint? Or mulch? (I think that's something people do, right? Mulching?)

I know. I do too. So here's an idea:

I was talking to my friend Darla last night, and our conversation went like this:

Darla:  why aren't there more barn-raisings?
Me: What the hell are you talking about?
Darla: Well, you obviously could use some stuff done around your house. Like some serious feng shui: your money corner's a mess, by the way.
Me: Dammit. Really? That's the one corner I wanted to be really good!
Darla:   Anyway, what if we did something like a barn raising where we got a whole bunch of people together to do projects on each other's houses? Like on a Saturday for three or four hours once a month.  I'm not talking about rewiring anybody's attic or anything--just simple, easy stuff that needs doing.  Everybody's got that stuff.
Me: That's true. And then after that, we could drink wine?
Darla: You know it, girl.

So anyway, that's our idea. It's not stupid, is it? You want to do it with me? And maybe while we're sanding that bureau you spilled fingernail polish remover all over, we can also validate the living shit out of you by telling you your boss is an idiot and you're a genius or something.  I'm particularly skilled in the art of Exxtreme Validation.  It'll be fun!

So if you're interested and/or know anybody else in sweet, sweet Athens, Georgia who might be interested, email me. Or leave a comment or something. Because I WANT TO BUILD YOU A COMPOST HEAP! LET ME AT THAT LINEN CLOSET!!

That's seriously the first time I've ever said that in my whole entire life.

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