Monday, April 30, 2012

Tortured Teens

So, remember that time I posted that Damien Jurado video with the blonde teenagers whose eyes take up half their heads and the motorcycles and the THE FEELINGS and whatnot? Weeeeeeelllll, turns out all that footage was lifted from a Swedish film from 1970 called "En kärlekshistoria." And my friend Mandy-- who's the one who introduced me to the Bee Gees, by the way, but I'll get back to that in a sec--just sent me this video that uses the VERY SAME tortured teenagers! The very same ones! Is there no quality control among indierockers these days?


 But back to the Bee Gees, because this is important:

You want to know something about the Bee Gees? They're not as crappy as you thought they might be if you had ever bothered to listen to them before! This is Robin Gibb, apparently when he was like 16 or something.  And be kind because this was before an orthodontist got hold of him. But get a load of THE PIPES on that kid, am I right, ladies? (Also, there are so many hilarious things about this video...I can't.... You should just watch it.)

He must have been a tortured teenager indeed to sing a Stones song better than McJagger himself.  Who was definitely not a tortured teenager and obviously has no place in this conversation.

That is all.

Except: thanks, Mandy, for continuing to alert me to important tortured teenagers in the news.

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