Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jane, etc.

Thank God Jane went into labor today or else I fear I wouldn't have anything to write about. Or anything good anyway, and this is not--hopefully not--a venue in which to vent my frustrations. Because that's just not classy blogging.

Anyway, Jane's my best friend. There are other friends I appreciate and love with similar amounts of warm, snuggly affection. I even have friends I've known longer...I didn't even meet Jane until 7th grade. But the thing about Jane is that she's the person who introduced me to Bryan, and who came to help me get my shit together right after Odessa was born, and the only person I can seriously fight with. And we have gotten in some serious-ass nasty fights. I'm not a woman prone to squabbling, but Jane and I have called each other just about every name in the book, and I mean EVERY NAME, including ^u%#&@* $u^!. But really, we fought because we expected better of the other: Jane's no Jesslyn apologist, and I appreciate that. Oh, and sometimes I put her as my emergency contact on waiver forms because she would totally fly her 9-months-pregnant tukus down here from Virginia at a moment's notice to rescue me if that's what I needed her to do.

Anyway, Jane is married to Vinny Argentina, which is good because though Bryan is infinitely better suited as my spouse, if Jane hadn't married Vinny, I probably would have had to, because you can't just let a jewel like Vinny drive into the sunset by himself in his 1977 Lincoln Town Car that he glued hundreds of dollars worth of pennies to. He's just a lovely person. Anyway, that's Jane and Vinny in that photo up there. Cute, huh?

And tonight they're going to have a baby boy. Well, I'll be. I hope it's going well, honey--I'm thinking about you. You guys think about her too, okay? Thanks.

Update: And he's here now! Oliver Argentina, welcome to Earth! He's perfectly healthy and apparently hairy like a gorilla. But you can't tell from this photo:

Pretty cute, huh?
And OMG, look how sweet THIS is:

And freakin' crap--THIS:

Happy baby, Jane and Vinny. Love yas!


  1. Vinny Argentina is one of the *best* *names* *ever*.

  2. Well the Three Musketeerettes all have wee bairns,and the mens will just have to deal with it...get a name and we'll make you a cup and bowl set Janey.

    pat and janice