Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pop Music from the North in Winter

Prescript: there are links to special songs hidden in this post. Oooh! fun!

I've discovered that in the wintertime I need some encouragement from Scottish people. And sometimes the Swedes. And occasionally the Icelanders. That's right; I need pop music written by people who shouldn't be cheerful but are somehow managing it.

Take Belle and Sebastian for instance: winter in Scotland must be--pardon the salty language, but it must be said--Shitty. Crushingly, horrifyingly, nightmarishly poopy. In fact, I just looked it up, and it is currently 36 degrees and raining in Edinburgh, the sun is set to rise at 8:37, and it will set again at 4:11. That's less than 8 hours of daylight. And of course the Scots totally feel it--how could they not? But here's the thing: they don't let the dark-as-the-inside-of-a-cow-and-yet-not-cold-enough-to-snow climate keep them from writing music that can make you dance around the kitchen singing into a spatula on a week when it didn't get over 40 degrees in Georgia. Ahem...I live in Georgia. And frankly I'm sick of freezing my tukus off.

But here's the thing:
On Monday morning, I went into the bathroom at work (there's a huge sunny window in there) and stood with my eyes closed in the sun and listened to my ipod: five minutes of people who've got it much worse than me, but are doing it with tolerable cheer. Then I went back to my desk and felt as if I could write another email.

So, thank you Scots. You too, Swedes. Keep it up, Iceland people. You're all better men than me.


  1. Don't you remember Missoula? The sun rises at 8:20 and sets at 4:52 pm toward the end of December (it's a little better now: 8:09 and 5:27) . It's 32 for the high today. It's been raining a lot, and freezing like a popsicle that makes your tounge bleed.