Thursday, January 21, 2010

There are some people who are different from me

I just consulted Saint Google to see if I could find a photo similar to the one I saw tonight posted on the Elbert County Gun Club bulletin board. But alas, even He cannot help me.

So, I went to a meeting at the Elbert County Gun Club for reasons I won't share because they're too boring. It's the kind of place where there's a cement floor and some metal folding chairs and someone had the idea of sprucing the place up a bit, so they covered the bulbs on a string of Christmas light with shotgun shells and draped them haphazardly over a window.

Anyway, the photograph I saw a couple minutes into the meeting was on the wall across from where I was sitting. It was of a girl--maybe 12 or 13--with a complexion like a bowl of milk and these big, brown, liquidy cow eyes that spoke "I learned my multiplication tables two years ago, but I still refer to my mother as 'Mommy' and I've never heard a Hannah Montana song because I'm homeschooled." And just in front of her eyes and off to the right a bit, she gazed through the very fancy scope of a high-tech rifle, the butt against which she was dreamily resting her plump, rosy cheek.

And I thought to myself as I sat there in that meeting across from a man named Zeb who considered the country of Europe to be part of the Third World ("they still drive around in buggies, yall!), there are some people who are different than me.

Thank You Lord.

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  1. honey, I'm glad your just beginning to get the idea. Standing behind the counter at a rural hardware store will make you thank your lucky stars and say, "There for the Grace of God, go I"!