Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The reason this blog post is so incoherent

My cousin Ulla lives in Singapore now, which is a 10 hour time difference from the east coast of the United States of America. I really like Ulla--she reminds me of Anne Shirley (ahem, of Anne of Green Gables to those of my readers who happen to be dudes), only more Swedish, since her mother--my Aunt Gerd--is about as Swedish as they come. So Ulla really can't help being at least half as Swedish as they come...but I'm inclined to think she inherited more Swedish-ness than American-ness...but you see what I'm doing there? I'm hallucinating in a boring sort of way, and that's how you can tell I'm starting to kind of fall asleep.

ANYWAY, I talked to Ulla on the phone tonight, which we don't do very often because she generally lives sometime yesterday in the middle of the night or perhaps only this morning if it happens to be this evening in Georgia. (Does any of this make any sense? I'm very tired). But I hadn't talked to her in ages, and we talked for two hours because we are definitely in the same phone-talking division or weight class or whatever. And hanging up, I thought to myself, why is it nearly everyone I know lives so far away? I think I probably know more people who live far away than I do people who live close.

In any event, it's very inconvenient and I'm veeeery sleepy. Good night.


  1. Those friends in Montanna miss you, too.

    You still got good knees, and Odessa can carry her own water and food in a few years. Go see them freeeinds when you can. You already do that more than anyone I know!

    Refreshing old memories of people and place is invigorating!

    Get some sleepl


  2. anne shirley! anne - with an 'e'- of course.