Monday, October 19, 2009


You'll be wanting to know about the photo.

This, dear readers, is evidence. I found it a couple of years ago in a box of old photos, and immediately hollered "Bryyyyyyyyyyyyyy-an! OhmyGodcome'ere!" Because this is proof that Bryan was at my 24th birthday party.

I'm not sure who took this photo, but for some reason he or she thought it necessary to capture this moment. Bryan is the guy on the right with long hair and clothes that are swallowing him alive, and who seems to looking askance at my ensemble. I am the one who looks as if she has decided, "Screw-em! It's my birthday and I feel like wearing a polyester plaid pant matched with a tutu and a shirt made by someone in Home Economics in 1978, which I scored out of a bag of scrap fabric at the flea market." I also seem to be eating something which I am sucking out of my teeth while staring wistfully into the middle distance.

I didn't know My Sweet Bryan in January, 2002, so this is very likely the first photograph ever taken of us together. He was at my birthday party because he and Jane, whose birthday party it also was, were friends. When Bryan saw the photo, he said, "Yeah, I remember I had to leave that party early to drive to Atlanta in time for the monster truck rally at the Georgia Dome." He doesn't remember noticing me or my rather conspicuous outfit. I think I remember him because at some point he stood up and said, "Ok--well, I gotta go to the monster truck rally now." Isn't it funny how you can see someone at a party and have no idea you're going to get married to that person in 5 years?

And get married we did, 2 years ago tomorrow. And it's the greatest thing that ever happened in the history of the Universe, including the invention of nachos and the small pox vaccine, as well as the discovery of carbonated water. Plus, that man is the reason for this:
(I know. The other day a six year old asked me if she was an earthling. I had to say I didn't know, because she's way prettier than both her parents put together, so something doesn't add up.)

This is all to say, there is not a happier woman on the planet than I.

Happy Bananaversary, Tenderness.


  1. congratulations! i love you guys. seriously, it makes me smile whenever i think about your lovely family. (ps. the OTHER guy in the teaching a class here at the ecolodge right now! crazy.)

  2. are you sure that this wasn't 2001? I think it was because didn't we have 2 birthday parties in that house? That was the one where JB's friend Brian drew a picture of a girl with a big ol' butt on the wall and we played pin the tail on the girl with the big ol' butt. I could be sorely mistaken though. BTW- that tutu was *fabulous*. You beat Sarah Jessica Parker to the punch by at least a year.

  3. P.S. I miss Scott Con- Audrey, if you read this please show him this and say hello for me. He's a gem.
    P.S.S. Happy anniversary Bryan and Jess. Please move into my house and live with me forever. You can bring your general crap if you want.

  4. Hey, I should send you a bananagram for your bananaversery.