Monday, October 26, 2009

Linens n' Things

I went to Ikea (or as my Swedish relatives have it, "ee-KAY-ah") this weekend and bought a duvet cover. Previously, I have made duvet covers with my sewing machine and the sweat of my brow, but no more. Fifteen bucks, ladies and gentleman, and a mid-quality duvet cover of European styling can be yours, courtesy of Scandinavian ingenuity and some rather clever trade agreements with the Chinese.

So, now I'm lying in bed with the computer, writing this blog post with my new duvet cover, and it's heavenly. Below, you will see that I have created a diagram of my Universe in the style of the Medieval astronomers:

Well, maybe not exactly in the style of the Medieval astronomers (their maps didn't generally look so much like a compact disk), but you see what I mean. I have always said that the bed is the center of the Universe, and it's a pity I can't spend more time with it.

And it seems as though making this diagram has drained all the juice out of my computer. Well, drawing the diagram and playing my turn in approximately twelve games of Facebook Scrabble. And nothing is sweeter and less energy efficient than playing Facebook Scrabble in the comfort of my comfy bed.

4% battery left! It's pinging at me! Gotta go!

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