Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haiku patrol

I'm sick of ya'll not writing me poems. So today, there's going to be a quiz. Consider it payment for the HOURS of entertainment I provide. Hours, I'm sure.

Anyway, in yoga today during Savasana, I wrote a couple haikus. (Aside: okay, I realize sometimes things get out of hand. A friend of mine recently suggested that if only I liked white wine, he would feel creeped out by how completely unsubversive my tastes are. I don't really know how that happened, considering my heritage. But yes, I love me some yoga, so sit on it.)

As I was saying, my first haiku went like this:

Yoga is not hard
But actually it is
I like stuff like that

Really good, huh? Well, then I wrote a second haiku because the first one didn't have anything to do with a season, and I seemed to remember that in a haiku, you always have to talk about cherry blossoms, fiery maple leaves and the like. So, the next one went:

In the spring last year
I stood on my head, no prob
Then I got pregnant

You might have realized that these actually aren't very good haikus, but you might also have realized some other stuff about me over the course of these 25 blog posts--like that 8 months after giving birth, I am still complaining about pregnancy, or that I'm bad to go off on a tangent, or that I like to give shout-outs to my friends, Dolly Parton style (holla!).

So friends, here's your job: you gotta write me a haiku in the comments. I am so totally serious. 3 lines, 17 syllables. 5-7-5.

Get to it.


  1. Oregon should win
    But Stanford just might surprise
    Pray the ducks go quack

  2. Jesslyn is funny.
    Jesslyn has twenty dollars.
    I eat bread.


    Twitter in Iran:
    Not as useless and selfish
    As we suspected

  3. little kitty paws
    she makes forts under the bed
    love is in the air.

  4. Sharks can eat you whole
    They scare me more than spiders
    A toilet is safe

  5. I am a diva
    subtle sexuality
    just need a parrot.

  6. my favorite haiku
    ends with the line I like so
    "then I got pregnant."

  7. Zucchini the cat
    has psychotic disorders:
    do not touch her butt.

    Large sweet Ruby-dog
    Groans when she has to lie down,
    And smells like a marsh.

    Robin will cuddle
    Mysteriously leaves home
    Don't flip the switch please

  8. cloud forest is nice
    but i may have to think twice
    missing my jesslyn

  9. oh savasana
    time to clear the mind and breathe
    not write poems, jesslyn!

  10. I love you master
    Now I'll lick my butt two times
    then I'll kiss your face
    (by my dog)


    I am wonderful
    center of your universe
    feed me feed me feed
    (by my cat)

  11. Odessa composed several haikus today, as it happened. Here are 2 she recited to me...

    Out beneath bare limbs:
    "Brown sere leaves approaching mouth;
    Why am I choking?"

    Threatening Ruby,
    From afar I have traveled;
    Then I got growled at.