Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's Propose to David!

Okay, I can tell you now.

So, what we actually did our slumber party last week was plan an elaborate ruse to trick David into marrying Kerry! Yes, the David I share my studio with and Kerry, who is My Sweet Keggy!


Well, so, every once in a while Keggs gets drunk and says "You guys, should I propose to David?" It happened the first time about a year ago at a bar. I ripped a piece of paper out of my notebook and started taking notes for her. The note was entitled "LET'S PROPOSE TO DAVID!" and Keggs has been carrying it around in her wallet since then.  See!? Unnecessary note taking is useful!

Then early last week, I was walking down Milledge and Kerry came bicycling toward me with a red nose.  I could tell she had been crying, which is totally no biggie because she's a crier. One time she cried watching two little white dogs chasing each other at a baseball game. One time she and I both cried while I was telling her about this photo I saw of a chimpanzee hugging lady.  Anyway, I wasn't alarmed, but she stopped her bike and said she had just been talking to a friend about proposing to David.  And I was like, "Huh! and you haven't even had one glass of wine!"  Stone cold sober, she was.

Anyway, so at our grown-ass woman slumber party last week, Keggs requested that I put "Proposing to David" as the #1 item on our agenda, so I did.  And my stars, did we ever talk about proposing to David. I honestly can't believe that we got to any of the other agenda items.  I have a quarter of a little Molskine full of pros-cons lists, flow charts, maps, primary and secondary maneuvers, and at least one Venn diagram.  That night, Keggs, Darla and I made losing the battle of proposing to David a tactical impossibility.

The next morning we went down to the train tracks and did this:

Which was the funnest thing ever.  I mean, look how excited me and Darla are:

That's not cool laughing; that's geeky, Vampire Diaries fans at DragonCon laughing.

Anyway, per our comprehensive, multimodal plan, on Monday Keggy tricked David into walking with her down to the railroad tracks.  Once there, he was to get proposed to, and if he said "yes," he'd get rerouted to the romantic picnic Darla and I had set up in a nearby forest glade.  He basically didn't stand a chance.

Despite the fact that I didn't actually see the proposal, I  have it on good authority that he accepted, 'cause look!


Hurray! Mazel tov, dudes!


  1. i would love to hear about what other things she cries over

    1. Some other things:
      Episodes of The Bachelor
      Pretty much any movie
      When dogs compete in fly ball competitions
      Anytime anyone talks about their feelings--doesn't matter what KIND of feelings...
      There's other stuff, too. I just can't remember what they are right now.

  2. You might want to remove the misdemeanor photographic evidence with you holding the instrument of destruction :)