Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slumber Party

I make lists.  Not the kind of lists you think I mean: grocery lists or to-do lists.  I don't make those.  Should, But Don't (SBD).

By lists, I just mean I think in bulleted points.  During conversation, I generally let the other person finish before saying something like, "Okay, I want to say three things...."

I also like making Top 5 lists and agendas for things that don't need agendas. Whatever, I'm a Capricorn Fire Snake: it's purported that I'd make a great jeweler, I should avoid Leo Metal Tigers, and that I'm unapologetic about doing things like making agendas for slumber parties.

Oh! And speaking of slumber parties, I had one on Friday.  Bryan and Odessa thoughtfully went to Atlanta so Darla and Kerry could come over and spend the night with me.  It was a slumber party for three grown-ass women. Here's the agenda:

18 May 2012
  1. Toenails painted
  2. Update on Dar's man (he's 21, so everything he does is unspeakably adorable and hilarious. Dar's 11 years older than him, so the situation is fodder for all the best jokes that were ever made.  I've made like 7 of the Top 10 Funniest Jokes in History just in the past week! I'm mostly just jealous.)
  3. Drink wine, all the colors
  4. Make cookies with salt
  5. Validate the living shit out of:
    1. Dar
    2. Keggy
    3. Jesslyn
  6. Investigate Keggy's $1,000,000 book idea
  7. Come up with a new name for Vic that starts with an "s."
  8. Craft with pizza boxes (masks? birthday presents?)
  9. Edible scavenger hunt
  10. Make Keggy say dirty things in Spanish*:
And we did all that stuff! Plus, Darla folded all the clothes in my bureau so now I'm afraid to touch them.  In fact I'm wearing all dirty things right now because all my clean things intimidate me.   And we also planned a special event that I can't tell you about now, but I will next time. I want to tell you about it really bad, but I can't, but it basically involved us riding that Pony called Life, which is always a good feeling.  We should do that more.

Don't worry, I took notes.

*Translation: I'm going to read my book so deeply that my testicles read it also.  The meaning's not important.

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