Monday, May 14, 2012

Me, You and Drew

You and Drew
You probably wanted to know how I like my new studio, right?  Of course you did.

Well, it's not mine, actually: I share it with David and Drew; they're both comic book artists.  David has been gone for a few weeks, so it's just been me and Drew recently, but today all three of us were in there.  And you know what I found out? Comic book artists talk a lot about monsters.

To wit:

David: I think I'm going to change this storyline because I don't like how the monster looks. 

Drew: Lemmee see it.

David: See, it's not very scary.

Drew: Yeaaah. Maybe you could make it scarier? I like that it's trying to eat the ghost cat, though, so you shouldn't change the storyline.

David: You like it? Okay, I'll add some hair and maybe some scary boobs.


David: You want a sticker? I'm keeping the best one, but you can have this weird one of a guy stabbing a walking fish with a spear.

Drew: Sure. Thanks.

So, that's basically how it goes.  David thinks we should start a sitcom called Me, You and Drew about our workplace antics.  I guess we could, but I don't think anybody would watch it.