Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Neko Case Paradox

I don't much care for Neko Case. I don't know why--maybe it's her voice or her phrasing or the production of her songs. Maybe I have something against Canadians or redheads; I couldn't really tell you. However, it's the opinion of some that I should try harder: I should try this album and that album and whatever. But to those people, I say, ya'll--don't worry about it. I can accept that Neko Case and I will spend our lives asunder. It's okay with me, and also probably fine with Neko Case.

But I'll give her this: Neko Case writes really good songs, and I love it when other people sing them. Just about anybody else, actually. Like these two girls sitting in a stairwell:

That one just about makes me lose it every time.

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  1. Jesslyn, maybe the reason you don't need Neko Case is because your inner Girl Who is Angry and Hurt by Love Who Lives Somewhere Cold and Rainy with Serial Killers on the Loose is not very vocal. For that girl in me, she is the excellentest. (And notice these high school girls are from cold Canada.)

    So maybe you are lucky.